BMM-100-WG | mechanical metronome with bell (0-2-3-4-6)

mechanical metronome with bell (0-2-3-4-6), 40-208 bpm, pyramid model, wood grain

Train your musical heartbeat with the Boston BMM-100

Pulse/tempo is important in most music. It is part of defining the atmosphere and is to music what your heartbeat is to you. Musicians need to learn how to feel the pulse of a song en keep time without slowing down or speeding up, unless that is what the song requires.

The Boston BMM-100 with its pyramid model can be of great service training your inner musical pulse. You can adjust tempo from 40 to 208 bpm. The BMM-100 has a so-called “beat controller” (bell) to set meters and hear a bell every first beat of a bar. You learn 2 things by using the BMM-100: 1. Keeping time 2. Start IN time.

You can set the beat controller to 2, 3, 4 and 6 beats.

The BMM-100 has no plug, but you can play right away! You wind it up like a wind-up clock and start counting!

It is available in different colors: black, white and burgundy red


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